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 Donate Please!

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Lil' Box

Lil' Box

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PostSubject: Donate Please!   Sun Oct 24, 2010 9:51 pm

Well, the server thus far, has been running on nothing but my computer, my internet access, and Me and Vern's knowledge of coding. But as you know, there are still many things we are limited to, and do not know how to do. The server is beginning to get a bit more popular, and is hoping to get money to help support. The money won't just be put in our pockets, we plan on getting a dedicated host DNS server which will allow the server to be up 100%, no crashes, and support 10x the players. Also it will allow us to hire people with higher knowledge than us to code sick and complicated things into the game. Now as you can imagine, this can all be quite expensive, so we need your help! Even if its just a dollar or two, or a hundred, it doesn't matter, every little bit helps! If you want the server to grow huge, and be the best thing ever, you will support us. You can donate at once you get to that, you log in, and send payment to There will also be a "Donater" title given to anyone who donates, and apoc, dope, cyan armour given to anyone who donates 5+ USD, or it's equivalent in another currency. The server will be great with your help!

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Noob box1
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Donate Please!
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