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 Shorty61142 Mod Application

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PostSubject: Shorty61142 Mod Application   Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:22 pm

Mod Application:

In Game Name: Shorty61142
How Long have you played server:maybe a week, but ive played many like it.
Hours you play a day:5-8 all depends if its a school day.
Favorite game: Ythehellscape(if it counts) or Halo Reach
Favorite Gaming system: Xbox 360/PC
Past staff experience: Mod a couple times, ive been admin quite a bit, and co-owner in about 2 servers
What you have done to help server: I have helped alot of people out with stuff, and am trying to get some people to join.
What have you done that was bad: Worst thing was me not playing because it was down Sad
Do you like the Server: Hellz Yes!
Rate the server: 9.8/10
Post count:only one but i plan to be more active
Who's Your favorite staff: Noob Box1/Troes1234
Who's the creator of this server? Ythehell/Noob Box1
Why do you want mod? I would like to be a mod because it is fun helping people out on servers, and i can be very helpful. Being mod is fun because you get to help people, and you can show them what not to do and make sure the rules are kept!

Thanks: Shorty61142
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Shorty61142 Mod Application
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