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 Guide to Orcs

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PostSubject: Guide to Orcs   Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:37 pm

orcs have some prtty good drops and make you some cash. it drops red, green, and black h'ween masks often. it drops 75k or 2.1mill. it also drops a few ice arrows every now and then. and it is home to the almighty gold santa! this is a stylish hat that you can show off to all your friends.

best melee stuff (you can mage or range but melee is the best way to go)
prayer pots. around 10
60+ prayer
80+ att str and def(if meleeing)
if your ranging or maging 99 range, 80+ mage and your best range/ mage armor

How to get there-
to get to these orcs you need to head to the portals next to home bank
it is the portal in between kbd and mith dragons
when you teleport using the portal you will be in the legends guild.
go downstairs and you will see an alter
continue and when you pass the alter melee pray as orks hit 90s

how to kill-
just attack one and keep attacking...they have high hp so it may take a while

i personally have not gotten a gold santa yet but im trying pretty hard.

orcs WILL NOT hit you if you are praying. one time i 1hped dharoks and didnt get hit.

i hope this helped
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Guide to Orcs
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