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 Startoff Guide (For ::pure people)

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i is orical56

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PostSubject: Startoff Guide (For ::pure people)   Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:37 am

Well, if you want to start the game with lv99 in all combat skills (except def) the first thing to do is type "::pure". This will raise all combat levels to 99, not defense tho. Ok heres what you should do next. Buy your starter items, drop all your bronze crap and bow and arrow. Go over to Giles and Arleana and buy the following...
- 1 Barrows Gloves
- 50 Dragon Bones
- 100 of each combat pots
- 1 dragon sq sheild
- 1 dds
- 1 pair of dragon boots
- 1 Fury Ammy
- 1 Beserker Ring
- 1 d mace (If you dont like dds)
- 300 prayer pots

That should be good for all starter items, but if your gonna range and mage, you can buy your stuff from Zaff, the Aubury, and Brian and the Armour Salesman.

Next, go to your spellbook and click on the "A" tele, which is monster tele. Then click on rockcrabs. There train your def till about 70. After you have done that tele home. Put your good stuff on and type ::food about 11 times, you will have 11k sharks then. Dont take any unless you feel like you need to. Anyway, time to get your main battle items. Ok, go to minigame tele. Then Barrows.

Barrows is full of the barrows brothers, who drop good armour. Go over to "Dharok the Wretched" Kill him until you have his helm, pl8, and legs, and axe if you like. That should do it for your amour for awhile. You can try and get any other barrows armour if you want, but keep in mind karils and ahrims need protective prayer. If your going to do that, go home and take the dragon bones, use them on the alter, it will give you more xp than burying them. Once you have used them all, you'll have lv60 or so pray.

WAY TO KILL VERACS: Killing Veracs is fairly simple, but just dont try to melee him. His armour can hit through even melee prayer. So go get your maging or ranging stuff. Then hide behind one Verac while attacking the one in front of you. This way, The Verac cant hit you, but you can hit him.

Hope this helps anyone get started.
king Orical56 king
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PostSubject: Re: Startoff Guide (For ::pure people)   Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:35 am

nice guide, but u keft out that if u do pure u dont get 99 prayer
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Startoff Guide (For ::pure people)
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